Drama En Masse: Mielle is Acquired, Gwen's Strange Remark and a Royally Frozen "Todger"

Drama is abundant this week, so we're skipping WOYF and diving right into it. Starting with special guest Jihan Forbes, the former editor and industry expert shares her take on the news that Procter & Gamble is entering a "partnership" with Mielle Organics. As you may recall from our previous news episode, there was a larger conversation at hand after influencer Alix Earle promoted the product on her TikTok. Jihan also discusses the launch of another celebrity beauty brand with us — this time it's John Legend with his new skincare brand, Loved01. Kirbie interviewed Legend ahead of the launch and discussed with both Sara and Jihan the premise of creating products for melanin-rich skin along the overall lack of studies and research on it.

Many of you tagged, DMed or called the hotline to ask for our take on Gwen Stefani's comments in Allure, which we'll be covering at length. Plus: Morphe parent company Forma has officially filed for bankruptcy. What does this mean for the influencer brands moving forward? We cap off the episode discussing Prince Harry's todger. We can't believe it either.

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