Cosmetic Chemist Javon Ford Doesn't Want You to "Do Your Own Research"

Let's get down to the science of it all, shall we? We have Javon Ford as our guest today! The fan-favorite cosmetic chemist joins us to share his journey and longtime love of science while spilling about all his go-to products. Ford studied at Howard University and has spent his career formulating and creating skincare, makeup and more, and the last few years educating the masses on social media while dispelling misinformation. He shares the difference between a cosmetic formulator versus a cosmetic chemist, why he prefers expensive sunscreens, an ingredient he sees as an unsung hero, why hyaluronic acid is overrated, the "500-Dalton rule," and how confirmation bias plays into research papers... which is why he doesn't want people doing their own. Plus, he debunks a ton of misinformation we're seeing on TikTok and Instagram.

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