Kevin Bishop, Religion, Sitting on the Fence & 'Floordrobes'

The actor and "mouth" Kevin Bishop joins Jo and James sporting the most luxurious moustache this sice of Tom Selleck. Kevin's currently appearing in Lady Windemere's Fan, and his impressions of his director, Kathy Burke, and co-star, Jennifer Saunders, fill the episode alongside his memories of a very long career. He even gives a shout out to his French art house films (modern languages students, represent. Or maybe that's just Kat...). And of course there is some serious stuff to wrestle with, and some not so serioues. This week's topics include religion and spirituality, fence sitting during arguments, and the dreaded "floordrobe", where your clothes don't quite live where they should.

This week's episode was recorded on February 6. It was edited by Kat Brown, with music by Martin Austwick.

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Jo Elvin

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And our special guest, Kevin Bishop

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