Wimbledon Special! Clare Balding, Animals, Sport & Meddling

The answers are blowing in the (extremely blustery) wind – Jo Elvin and Kat Brown headed up to the roof overlooking Wimbledon in all its tennisy glory to meet Clare Balding, national treasure, author and BBC Sport commentating stalwart, to talk about Wimbledon 2017 and all things sporty.

And in between new balls and Boris Becker suddenly making an appearance, there are important things to discuss. So hey, is it OK to like animals more than some people? Is it OK to be sporty, but not that bothered about watching sport? And meddling – is it OK to interfere in other people's lives?

All this, chats about GLOW and Free Rein on Netflix, and at exactly what stage in your relationship you should get a dog. Plus don't forget to get your tickets for the LIVE episode of Hey, It's OK... in London on September 16 at kingsplace.co.uk. Tweet us your topics using #HeyItsOK or by emailing editor@glamourmagazine.co.uk.

Episode edited by Kat Brown (with thanks to Ciprian Asante of podcast.hippie.ro for post-production wind control) and music by Martin Austwick. Get the special Instagram issue of GLAMOUR in shops now, and get more glamour online and by searching GLAMOUR UK on social media.
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