Aisling Bea, Group Dinners, Non-Drinking Friends & Being Defined By Our Jobs

The comedian and actress Aisling Bea joins Jo and James in the podcupboard for some serious chat about freelancing, and some less serious chat about pretty much everything else. She's starring in the BBC's new drama, Hard Sun, from the creator of Luther, and you can watch the lot on iPlayer right now.

But before any further shows can be plugged, the trio set to work analysing large group dinners (just say no), friends you can only really hang out with when you're both hammered, and the bittersweet feeling of being defined by what you do for a living. How can you break beyond that?

This week's episode was recorded on January 4 at Acast Studios. It was edited by Kat Brown, with music by Martin Austwick.

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Jo Elvin

James Williams

Kat Brown

And our special guest, Aisling Bea

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