Trinny Woodall, Uniforms, Phone Calls & Train Makeup

The multitasking goddess that is Trinny Woodall joins Jo and James for this week's podcast: having built up a huge social media following for her outfit and makeup trials, Trinny is soon launching her own show on Facebook Watch (fans of What Not To Wear, take note!), and of course, there's Trinny London, the makeup range she launched in October.

Is it just James who has a work uniform? Is it just Trinny who only gets four phone calls a day (and all from her daughter)? And a listener IIJM: Natalie Adams asks: is it just her who finds it fascinating when people put a full face of makeup on on the train?

This week's episode was recorded on March 12. It was edited by Kat Brown, with music by Martin Austwick.

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