51. Fleur De Force, Salaries, Ceremony & Being Alone

Two podcast first-timers join Jo Elvin in the podcupboard this week: Sagal Mohammed, GLAMOUR's new Entertainment Assistant, and the fabulous YouTuber Fleur De Force, who is not, but is a much-cherished friend of GLAMOUR nonetheless.

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Back to this week's episode, and Fleur is talking books, brows, YouTube, and a lovely little announcement about an addition to the Force family. Sagal accidentally commits treason, and there are three topics to discuss: So hey, is it OK (or not!) to talk openly about money and your salary? Is it OK to genuinely love a bit of good old British pomp and ceremony? And is it OK to not like your own company?

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Episode edited by Kat Brown with music by Martin Austwick.

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