43. Eddie Izzard, Perseverance, Mentors & Challenge

Eddie Izzard is here! Half of the office had to shove their fists in their mouths so as not to scream with excitement. And while they were doing so, Jo Elvin and Helen Whitaker nipped into the podcupboard to talk to Eddie about his new autobiography, Believe Me; his love of the SAS and GLAMOUR (both pretty similar tbh); and why Judi Dench sends him a signed banana before each new show.

And of course, it's time to run through three new Hey, It's OK... topics to keep things on the road. So hey, is it OK to keep going when you're not good at something? Is it OK to be your own mentor? And to make life bloody difficult for yourself?

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Episode edited by Kat Brown with music by Martin Austwick. Pick up the new issue of GLAMOUR, in shops from Thursday, and search Glamour UK online and on social media for more from us.

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