Ophelia Lovibond, Parental Advice, Silence & Poker Face

Jo and James are joined this week by the actress Ophelia Lovibond – you’ll know her from Guardians of the Galaxy, W1A and Elementary, as well as the play Nightfall, which has just finished its run at London’s Bridge Theatre.


The team discuss Ophelia’s amazing name (and how posh she actually is not), how she got her break, Skype auditions, and the truth about how casting works. And the team discuss their IIJMS: is it just Ophelia who still rings her parents to ask them the most basic of things? Is it just Jo who’s comfortable with silence? (Not that you’d know it.) And is it just James who has zero poker face and wears all his emotions on his sleeve?


This week's episode was recorded on May 21. It was edited by Kat Brown, with music by Martin Austwick.


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