Be A Granny With Edges (Meet Kevin Shanti)

In this episode Myles Measures Bow wows recent little dick energy antics, Nichole Murphey recent scandal with images of her kissing yet another married man and more...

We are also joined by Celebrity Hairstylist Kevin Shanti!

Kevin was born in Jamaica and over to London at a young age! A proud black and gay man, he navigated both Jamaica and London with precaution due to his sexuality and speak about the challenges he faces when he would do his sisters hair. He continued to chase his dreams in hair and has now become one of the UKs most sought after hairstylists! He has worked with Kelis, Little Miss Jocylen, Solange Knowles, Letitia Wright, K Michelle and more! In this episodes he talks about his professional journey, gives y'all some crucial Hair tips, the relationship with Natural hair and of course gives the belt to someone....

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Find out who their Melanin Magnificence goes to and stay tuned until the end to find out who Gets The Belt!

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