Mental Chlamydia; Protect Your Magic (Unpacking with Mulan Noir)

In this episode Myles Measures the latest in Pop Culture, including podcasts my the Obamas, and the Beyonce fiasco...

Cashmere works through a break up and 'rah' moments…

We are also joined by Model, Entrepreneur and LGBTQ Advocate Mulanl!

We talk all the things with Mulan from, counselling, Love,Partaking in PRIDE as a Darkskin Woman, coming out, lesbian sex, Endometriosis, abuse and more...


As discussed in the episode, tickets to 'How To Fail and Still Win Big' Available here:

Wednesday June 19 6:30pm-8:30pm

Pick Me Up Inc:

Find out who their Melanin Magnificence goes to and stay tuned until the end to find out who Gets The Belt!

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