Don't Take Your Dreams To The Grave (The Long Song) meet Tamara Lawrance & Shereen Gray

Sorry Guys No Myles Measure or Yas With Cash! But we have amazing news!!

We are joined by Actresses who star in BBC Ones new drama The Long Song

Tamara Lawrance and Sheree Gray! (Set in Jamaica in 1838 under British rule near the end of slavery... listen to find out more...)

Shereen Insta:

They talk to us about their unique journeys as actresses, how and when they discovered their passion and what actions they took to cultivate a successful career that has lead them both to being in such a pivotal and beautiful piece of entertainment. They drop gems throughout the episode so do not miss out!

Find out who their Melanin Magnificence goes to and stay tuned until the end to find out who Gets The Belt!

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