Joanna Swica: Influencer marketing is a vitamin injection to online sales

In this episode of Get Savvy, we are going to talk about Influencer marketing. In recent years influencer marketing has developed and become a marketing field that no e-commerce can ignore. Therefore, we invited Joanna Swica, an influencer with more than 25K followers who has worked with many brands such as Kia and Reebok. This hard-working entrepreneur is also working as a running coach and have also founded the travel group Friendcation.   Together with Joanna you will learn why influencer marketing is such a powerful tool in creating awareness around a new brand or product, how influencer marketing allows your business to directly connect with new customer segments and which type of influencer is a good fit for your brand. We also investigate and share hands on advice for how to plan for an optimized influencer campaign.  Suggest a topic or guest by mail to and don’t forget to subscribe!  This podcast is supported by Nordea Business Banking, Startup & Growth, Nordea Connect and Nordea Markets. 

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