Ep. 23: Interview with Masud Olufani

In this podcast Amadon DellErba interviews Masud Olufani, a multidisciplinary artist, activist, & writer, based in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a follower of the  Bahá'í faith; the host of “America's Most Challenging Issue” a podcast about racism in America; and the co-host of “Retro Report” a PBS prime time investigative news show that looks at news events through the lens of history.

Together Amadon and Masud explore art, religion, spirituality, and the parallels between the Baha'i faith and Divine Administration. They discuss the blight of slavery and racism in American, and how it differs subtly in the lives of indigenous and First Nations peoples. A refreshing conversation between two truth seekers who have found a kindred spirit in each other. (GR\DT 23)

You can learn more about Masud Olufani at his website: https://www.masud-olufani.com/

Listen to “America's Most Challenging Issue” podcast here: https://bahaiteachings.org/podcasts/americas-most-challenging-issue/


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