Should I Get A Lash Lift?

What in the world is a lash lift and should you bother? In this ep, we take you through the process, the results and why yes, maybe you should get a lash lift. We also answer the age-old question: Is sunscreen in my [insert product here] enough? Plus, we round out the ep with a tan chat with Tanologist founder and UK influencer Lottie Tomlinson.


Your hosts:

Carli Alman, Editor (@carlialman)

Sally Hunwick, Beauty Director marie claire (@sallyhunwick)

Bettina Tyrrell, Beauty Editor, InStyle (@bettinatyrrell)

Executive Producer: Elissa Ratliff

Special thanks to our guest Lottie Tomlinson and expert Hannah English.

Products and links from this ep (in order that they were mentioned):

Lash Lift

Amy Jean Brow Agency

Facial sunscreen brand recs

Ultra Violette Sunscreen

La Roche-Posay

We Are Feel Good Inc

Invisible Zinc

Mecca Cosmetica

Instagram accounts and hashtags to follow: @ms_hannah_e @calltimeonmelanoma #todaysspf #suncreamsundae

Tan Talk with Lottie Tomlinson


Follow Lottie Tomlinson: @lottietomlinson

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