Apparently all you need is this one active ingredient for perfect skin

PLUS: Are anti-ageing facials even worth it? & what happened when Carli embraced her natural curls.

If you (like us) thought you needed an expertly-crafted cocktail of active ingredients to achieve flawlessly radiant skin, prepare for your mind to be blown. According to dermatologist Dr Rhonda Harvey, all it takes is just one! In this ep of Get Lippy, she explains which one and why, plus she answers your burning skin care questions.

We’ll also get to the bottom of anti-ageing facials and which ones are worth your time and money. And of course, we couldn’t end the episode without finding out how Carli went on her Beauty Challenge – to ditch her hot styling tools and embrace her natural curls for the week. Find out how she went (there was a minor identity crisis), and what techniques and products helped her through the week and could also help you if you’re itching to embrace your natural texture (PS: pics will be up on our Facebook group if you want to check it out!)


Prods for curly-haired girls

Aveda be curly™ Shampoo

Aveda be curly™ Conditioner

Aquis Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Turban

Oribe Curl Gelée For Shine & Definition

Oribe Curl Control Silkening Crème

Hairstory Powder POW(D)ER ON!

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