Series 2: Episode 3 - Ben McCarthy, Alys Laver and Yetunde Kehinde

With the COP conference happening this week in Glasgow, we are thinking about the environment. Climate change affects every living thing in this world and of course birds are no exception. In this episode Hamza speaks to his guests about the things they are noticing changing and looks to the future as to potential ways forward. 

Ben McCarthy is Head of Nature Conservation & Restoration Ecology at National Trust. He talks to Hamza about the organisations monitoring of changes to the climate and how they see this affecting the birds that live on National Trust sites across the country.

Next, we visit WWT Steart Marshes, an innovative birdwatching site that site in the south west of England. Alys Laver is the site manager and takes on a journey across the beautiful, unique landscape and talks to us about the sometimes forgotten importance of our wetlands in absorbing Carbon. 

Yetunde Kehunde was on the first season of Get Birding. In this episode Hamza checks in to hear what she has been up to over the summer as they share their passion for the environment and conservation around the world. 

Host: Hamza Yassin

Guests: Ben McCarthy, Alys Laver and Yetunde Kehinde

Producer: Jo Barratt

Executive Producers: Jane Gerber & Katie Derham

Production Coordinator: Louis Facey

Social Media Assistant: Dilber Mogal

All music by Poddington Bear. Additional birdsong and nature recordings by iainmccurdy, mycompasstv and richwise under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 licence

Podcast art by Make Productions

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