Episode 21 - Flying the Flag

Once upon a time, the General Public pinned their hopes, dreams and issues on the Entertainment Industry. Society stalked celebs, music moved millions, and the industry expanded endlessly. Where did this obsession start?

Warning: This episode contains strong language and adult themes.


Written by George the Poet
Produced by Benbrick and George the Poet
Mixing, recording and editing by Benbrick.

With music from:

Mahalia - What You Did ft Ella Mai
Ray Charles - America The Beautiful
Drake - Lust for Life
Jeff Beal - House of Cards Main Title Theme
Ella Mai - Boo’d Up
Ella Mai - Not Another Love Song
Nas - If I Ruled The World (Imagine That) ft. Lauryn Hill

All original music is written by Benbrick and recorded by the BBC Concert Orchestra.

We had the following guests:

ZeZe Mills as The General Public, Big Narstie, Alhan Gençay, and Kae Kurd.

Thank you to:

My team Sandra, Vidhu, and Birungi. Dylan Haskins and the team at BBC Sounds, BBC Concert Orchestra, ZeZe Mills, Mahalia, SK Vibemaker, Big Narstie, Alhan Gençay, Kae Kurd, Lewis Hamilton, Bloodworks Live Studio, Ella Mai, Mr Bounce and the Applebum Show, Chuckie Online, Evan Rogers, Tom Kelly & Adam Miller.


The clip of Mahalia talking about vulnerability used at 09:47 is taken from her interview with SK Vibemaker, and the clip used at 11:16 is taken from MTV News.

The clip used at 15:10 celebrating Lewis Hamilton’s first victory is taken from Formula One.

The clip of Mark Zuckerberg used at 15:18 is taken from CBS Evening News.

The clips of George Marshall calling for Aid to Europe after WW2 used at 16:45 and the clip taken from Harry Truman’s State of the Union used at 17:28 are both in the public domain.

The used at 17:45 is taken from Harold Macmillan’s speech at the Cape Town parliament.

The clips used at 18:18 and 18:30 are taken from the documentary “Windrush" by the BBC.

The clip of Queen Elizabeth used at 18:42 is used courtesy of The Royal Family.

The live version of What You Did by Mahalia used at 19:38 is taken from the Bloodworks Live Studio YouTube channel, and the clip of Mahalia talking about wanting to work with Ella Mai used at 20:18 is taken from The Applebum Show.

The clips of Ella Mai singing used at 20:34 are taken from Ella Mai’s Instagram page, and the clips of DJ Mustard talking about Ella Mai used at 21:01 is taken from his interview with Bootleg Kev & DJ Hed on Real 92.3 LA. The clip of Ella Mai talking about Boo’d Up used at 21:23 and 22:34 are taken from her interview with Chuckie Online for JD in the Duffle Bag.

The clips of Boo’d Up winning the GRAMMY used at 21:46 and 22:08 are taken from The Recording Academy.


Nines - NIC (feat. Tiggs Da Author)
00:37 - 02:30

Benbrick - Young Intro
02:18 - 03:51

Jay Z - My First Song [Benbrick Remake]
04:41 - 05:30

Benbrick - Young
05:45 - 06:40

Benbrick - Back to the kid
07:15 - 07:49

Benbrick - All Aboard
08:02 - 08:21

Benbrick - All Aboard
09:08 - 10:08

Benbrick - Damon
11:16- 12:03

Lonnie Liston Smith - A Garden of Peace
12:27 - 15:09

Jay-Z - Dead Presidents
15:10 - 15:54

Benbrick - Back to the kid
16:20 - 17:13

Jay Z - December 4Th (Benbrick Remake)
17:15 - 18:01

Benbrick - Dec 4
18:10 - 18:54

Benbrick - Back to the kid
19:05 - 19:46

Benbrick - Rodolfo
19:54 - 21:15

Jay Z - My First Song [Benbrick Remake]
21:48 - 22:45

Benbrick - Roc
23:04 - 24:00

Benbrick - Back to the kid
24:50 - 26:05

Jay Z - My First Song [Benbrick Remake]
26:08 - 26:57

Jay Z - My First Song
26:35 - 28:00

Have You Heard George’s Podcast? is a George the Poet Ltd. production for BBC Sounds.

Commissioning Executive for BBC: Dylan Haskins