#115 Pt 1 – Comic Books For Dummies: Favourite Reads, Starting The Podcast & The Surprising Depth Of Comics With Dan & Paul of S4D


This week brings Dan & Paul; the two “dummies” from the Superheroes For Dummies podcast to talk about comic books, podcasting and superhero TV shows & movies!


For more detail, in part 1 of this chat, Dan, Mike & Paul talk about how they first got into reading comic books as well as their favourite comics, how many modern comics aren’t what the trio initially thought they’d be like, comic-related TV shows & games the trio enjoy including The Boys & the Netflix Marvel shows, before delving into their DC & Marvel superhero movies, how the Superheroes For Dummies podcast was started & more!


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Dan is on Twitter @Dark_Ronin84, Paul is @PaulDaMac and you can find the S4D podcast at @Super4Dummies on Twitter and @SuperheroesForDummies20.


Dan & Paul's main comic recommendations are DC’s Kingdom Come and Marvel’s MiracleMan.


Part 2 will be out next week where the guys continue discussing their podcast and the community around it, the “entry level” when starting to read comic books, how the guys first got into podcasting, what Dan & Paul do in their free time, what “comic guilt” is, juggling work & fun commitment and much more, so be sure to tune in for that!


The previous episode of GCC; number 114, Mike & Megan speak with Tonya Todd, who talks about her upcoming 52 Love book along with starting her new show; The 52 Love Podcast, then the trio delves into a discussion on Wonder Woman 1984, they then talk about superhero films in general, before the chat wraps up with the Twilight movies, Star Wars & the Clone Wars series and other movie talk!


Mike & Megan were on the latest episode of 20th Century Geek, talking about Batman ’66 and the two Burton-Batman movies, in the first of a 3 part Batman retrospective, check it out: https://spoti.fi/3sTeN2m 


All of the below episodes where Mike guested are on the feed of Comics In Motion (along with his Star Wars show)!

Ep 19 of Mandatory Marvel & DC; with Max Byrne to talk about the New 52 Batman story Death Of The Family: https://spoti.fi/3isIWka

Indie Comics Spotlight, where he & Tony spoke about Mark Russell’s run of The Lone Ranger comics: https://spoti.fi/3oJsQ7Y 


Comics On Trial, prosecuting Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker against Tony of Indie Comics Spotlight with Megan as the judge (6th December): https://spoti.fi/3otJN5I  


In an earlier ep of Comics On Trial, Mike defended The Phantom Menace against Scott of 20th Century Geek, with Paul of Superheroes For Dummies as the judge, also found on this feed (20th September): https://spoti.fi/2FTjvZI   


Mike was also on an episode of the Rob And Slim Show, released November 17th!


Mike has another show, called Star Wars: Comics In Canon – all episodes can be found on Comics In Motion’s podcast feed and episodes will be out every Saturday; episodes 0-42 are now out, 42 is about Doctor Aphra & the auction massacre, 41 is about the Vader Dark Visions comics and 40 is about 6 individual stories including R2-D2 killing stormtroopers! Previous episodes topics include the Thrawn comic adaptation, Lando comics, the Journals of Old Ben Kenobi, Count Dooku, Darth Vader, Mace Windu, Doctor Aphra, The Rise Of Kylo Ren, Darth Maul, how C-3PO got his red arm & more - https://apple.co/39mut2Y


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