#122 Pt 1 – Who Is H.P. Lovecraft?: His Bigotry, Writing Style & The Cthulu Mythos With Scott Weatherly

This week Mike is joined by returning guest Scott Weatherly of the 20th Century Geek podcast and the Stories Out Of Time & Space podcast, to talk about one of the most influential fantasy/horror writers who you may have never heard of; H.P. Lovecraft!

Part 1 of Mike & Scott’s chat starts with Lovecraft’s life including his bigotry, relationships & death, before talking about Lovecraft’s writing style, the realm of Lovecraftian horror that he created including ancient beings like Cthulu, what happened to his works after he died and more!

Parts 1&2 are available now on Patreon in one unsplit episode, but on this standard feed, part 2 of their discussion will be released next week! In part 2, their chat on Lovecraft continues, starting with Alan Moore’s Lovecraftian comic, surviving in Lovecraft’s world, Scott then reads out a short passage from a Lovecraft story, why it’s hard to adapt Lovecraftian stories onto screen, how Scott first got into Lovecraft and many other aspects, so either tune in next week, or support GCC on Patreon!


Some recommendations for starting Lovecraft are; Dagon, From Beyond, The Hound, Rats In The Walls, Horror At Red Hook, Herbert West: Reanimator & The Tomb – Scott recommended picking up the Wordsworth collection called Haunter Of The Dark as a starting point.

S.T. Joshi’s Lovecraft biographies are ones to pick up if you want to know even more about Lovecraft!

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Last time Mike & Scott tried discussing HP Lovecraft, they ended up talking about sci-fi crossovers, special effects and loads more, so check out episode 107 of GCC for that!

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