#114 – A New Pod On The Block & WW84: Reviewing Wonder Woman 1984, Star Wars & The 52 Love Podcast With Tonya Todd


This week brings the third appearance of Tonya Todd to GCC; she’s an author, actress and now a podcaster, to talk about her new show, Wonder Woman 1984 and more with Mike & Megan!


For more detail, Tonya talks about her upcoming 52 Love book along with starting her new show; The 52 Love Podcast, then the trio delves into a large (spoiler-filled) discussion on their thoughts on Wonder Woman 1984, they then talk about superhero films in general, including Batman, Thor, the Marvel Cinematic Universe & the upcoming Loki series then the chat starts to wrap up with the Twilight movies, Star Wars & the Clone Wars series and other movie talk!


52 Love Podcast, Spotify - YouTube - Tonya’s Site - @52LovePodcast on Twitter and @MsTonyaTodd on Twitter, IG & FB


Tonya appeared on episodes 97 & 101 of GCC so check those episodes out too (if you haven’t already)!


The previous episode of GCC; number 113, Mike spoke with Harry Hayes of the band IRONTOM; Harry talks about how IRONTOM tackles genre and some of the meanings behind their lyrics, the themes of their latest album “Cult Following”, dealing with imposter syndrome, Harry’s favourite aspect of being in a band, “feeling” music, how the band write music, a fun (fictional) story on how IRONTOM started and more!


Mike & Megan were on the latest episode of 20th Century Geek, talking about Batman ’66 and the two Burton-Batman movies, in the first of a 3 part Batman retrospective, check it out: https://spoti.fi/3sTeN2m 


All of the below episodes where Mike guested are on the feed of Comics In Motion (along with his Star Wars show)!

Ep 19 of Mandatory Marvel & DC; with Max Byrne to talk about the New 52 Batman story Death Of The Family: https://spoti.fi/3isIWka

Indie Comics Spotlight, where he & Tony spoke about Mark Russell’s run of The Lone Ranger comics: https://spoti.fi/3oJsQ7Y 


Comics On Trial, prosecuting Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker against Tony of Indie Comics Spotlight with Megan as the judge (6th December): https://spoti.fi/3otJN5I  


In an earlier ep of Comics On Trial, Mike defended The Phantom Menace against Scott of 20th Century Geek, with Paul of Superheroes For Dummies as the judge, also found on this feed (20th September): https://spoti.fi/2FTjvZI   


Mike was also on an episode of the Rob And Slim Show, released November 17th!


Mike has another show, called Star Wars: Comics In Canon – all episodes can be found on Comics In Motion’s podcast feed and episodes will be out every Saturday; episodes 0-41 are now out, 41 is about the Vader Dark Visions comics, 40 is about 6 individual stories including R2-D2 killing stormtroopers and 39 is about 4 one-shot Age Of Republic stories! Previous episodes topics include the Thrawn comic adaptation, Lando comics, the Journals of Old Ben Kenobi, Count Dooku, Darth Vader, Mace Windu, Doctor Aphra, The Rise Of Kylo Ren, Darth Maul, how C-3PO got his red arm & more - https://apple.co/39mut2Y


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