SURPRISE! Podcast Switcheroo 2021 - Southern Discomfort Podcast

Happy April Fools Day!

Today Genuine Chit-Chat is involved in the Podcast Switcheroo of 2021 – for this special day, podcasters “swap feeds” for a day meaning this episode is not by Mike at all!

Instead, please welcome April & Christine of the Southern Discomfort podcast to talk about drinks, true crime and more!

They discuss; Miracle on the Mississippi, leprosy in Louisiana and the history of Louisiana’s leper colony!

Drink du jour:

Snoball juice - 7% ABV - 50 IBU

Tangerine Sour Pop - 4.5% ABV - 10 IBU - Urban South Brewery, New Orleans, Louisiana

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Triumph at Carville a tale of leprosy in America

Wilhelm, John.; Squires, Sally, 1947-; Wilhelm Group, Inc.; PBS Home Video.

[United States] : PBS Home Video; 2008

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