BONUS CONTENT: What You Can Expect From The Genuine Chit-Chat Patreon (Free Stuff & More)!

This is a quick clip for anyone considering supporting GCC on Patreon, for clarity, all patrons/supporters will get access to the patreon-only Afterthoughts episodes (1 or 2 a week), the full unsplit versions of any larger episodes on the day of release (meaning no waiting around for the second part of an episode to drop) and one portion of Mike's undying love!

**You can find more details here: and if you head over there to check out the two 100% FREE Afterthoughts episodes; The Witcher S1 & Star Wars: The Phantom Menace**

In addition to the above, for the higher tiers of Patreon support, you;

- Can request movies for Afterthoughts

- Receive one portion of Mike's undying love 

- Will have access to the Patreon feed for videos of Mike's young tortoise Wickette, what he's up to and occasional photos of some of his collectibles, comics and (almost) anything else people as for!

- Get access to Mike's Discord channel

- Can come onto the show as a guest (or with other guests)

- Can request other guests come on the show

- Can have ads or promos played of yours or someone else's (every few episodes, will depend on others in this tier)

- Will get thanked by Mike at the end of every episode (with the name of any business/project or social media handle)