Geektown Radio 90 : Legends Of Tomorrow Director of Photography Mahlon Todd Williams Interview, Plus UK TV News & Air Date Info!

We're back for another week of fun and entertaining TV chat to take your mind of the world around you, and this week we have a great interview with none other than DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Director of Photography, Mahlon Todd Williams!

Mahlon is an award-winning Canadian Director of Photography, and is currently the cinematographer for the brilliant Sky 1 'Berlantiverse' series DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Mahlon’s intensely dramatic visuals capture the evolution of the show’s team of heroes and villains as they journey through time to prevent the world’s ultimate destruction. Mahlon has work on series such as Syfy's Alphas, the Painkiller Jane tv series, and a number of movies and other tv shows. In the interview we get to talk to him about working in the 'Berlantiverse', dealing with the complexities of a time travel show, and an 'sfx heavy' drama.

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