Geektown Behind The Scenes Podcast 48: TheHunterWild Twitch Streamer & Streamer Square Co-Founder Interviewed By TristaBytes

In this Behind The Scenes Podcast, I'm handing over the reins to Bex, aka Twitch streamer and YouTuber TristaBytes, as she interviews Twitch Streamer, activist, and Streamer Square co-founder TheHunterWild.

To make the connection between streamer and audience stronger, Hunter co-founded Streamer Square, which is a streamer education program that provides guides, hands-on services and coaching, reviews, and captivating live shows to help creators bring their stream to the next level.

After starting his own game development studio at 19 and a career of being a fine artist, Hunter decided to go back to school and get a degree in environmental philosophy, both of which he brings to the table in his streaming career and connection with his audience of over 68,000.

Streamer Square is first and foremost a community that educates its members on business, gaming, and provides gaming news. Inclusivity is one of their primary orientations, ensuring a safe space for people from all walks of life. Respect, integrity, and empathy are core qualities that Hunter safeguards and emphasizes alongside his community providing guidance. The platform produces several talk shows that promote a forum for dialogue on issues such as accessibility, transparency, and best financial practices. They invite veteran streamers and industry professionals to share their experiences in thought-provoking discussions about the streaming community and the latest news.

Hunter is passionate about Twitch and his fans and plans on creating a Twitch-specific environmental charity. He wants to influence the industry and streaming culture with a network of sustainably focused content creators, to make the integration of climate change and gaming more accessible.

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