Geektown Behind The Scenes Podcast 13: Sam Hulick & Sara Pocius Interview - 'Mass Effect' Composer & Creators Of 'ReelCrafter'

This episode is a little bit different as I chat with composer Sam Hulick along with his wife, Sara Pocius. Sam is a BAFTA-nominated and NBC News award-winning composer for film, television and video games, who is best known for his work on the original Mass Effect trilogy, and the Baldur's Gate games. However, he also has a background in computer programming, and this led to him, along with Sara, who has a background in design, building the app ReelCrafter.

Frustrated with the lack of a decent platform for composers and musicians to present their demo reels, Sam and Sara decided to develop their own. It has become a huge success, being used by some of Hollywood’s biggest composers including five-time Emmy-winning composer Jeff Beal ('House of Cards'), Christopher Lennertz ('Lost in Space', 'Supernatural'), Trevor Morris ('Olympus Has Fallen', 'The Tudors'), and many others.

ReelCrafter lets composers create personalised reels with images, video, and biography, removing the use of clunky file sharing links, or low-grade audio. It also allows the composer to see when reels are viewed (or ignored), and gives real-time listening events right in the account dashboard.

In the interview, we chat with Sam and Sara about what led them to build the ReelCrafter app in the first place, and how they approached designing it. We also talk with Sam about his work with Jack Wall creating the award-winning soundtracks for the Bioware's epic space saga video game, Mass Effect.

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