Geektown Radio 199: 'The Man In The High Castle' Barnstorm VFX, Film News, UK TV News & Air Dates!

On the Geektown Radio podcast this week I am joined by Darryl from Hollywood News Source, to chat about Walker Stalker Con, the latest tv and film news, and all the UK TV premiere date info. We also have an exclusive interview with Lawson Demming, co-founder of visual effects company, Barnstorm VFX.

Barnstorm VFX is a boutique effects house specialising in high-quality digital effects, design, and production. They are the visual effects company behind shows such as 'Silicon Valley' and 'Room 104', and 'Get Shorty', along with working on series such as 'Outlander', 'Fargo', 'Lost' and 'The Gifted'. Barnstorm most recently worked on Amazon's brilliant 'The Man in the High Castle', which tells the story of a dystopian America dominated by Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

Lawson Demming, a co-founder of Barnstorm VFX and VFX Supervisor for 'The Man in the High Castle', joins us to discuss the amount of historical research they do for the show. WARNING - there are some Season 3 spoilers in the interview if you haven't caught up. He also chats about the amazing 'Silicon Valley' and creating some of their VFX shots, from robot monkey arms and virtual server rooms, to "Pipey", the Piped Piper onscreen "help".

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