A Very Deep Dive on Bootfitting, Pt 2: Your Questions Answered by Master Bootfitters, Sam and Kara

In the second installment of our “Very Deep Dive on Bootfitting” series, Blister reviewer (and bootfitter) Kara Williard is joined again by Master Bootiftter, Sam Tischendorf. But this time it is all about you, the audience, as we make our way through a bunch of your questions. Sam and Kara explain some of the technical mysteries — and at times, controversies — within bootfitting, such as forward lean and ramp angle; provide a deeper explanation of why custom insoles are so imperative as the foundation to a boot’s fit; the differences between rigid and flexible feet; they make a case for women-specific ski boots; and they end on some horror stories and Sam’s true feelings about DIY bootfitting.


  • Custom insoles (4:40)
  • Socks & Shell Fit (13:12)
  • Forward Lean / Ramp Angle (18:51)
  • Fore / Aft Balance (30:20)
  • Binding Delta? (32:26)
  • “The old skinny heel” (34:11)
  • Aftermarket Liners (41:23)
  • Time to Upgrade? (44:32)
  • Flat Feet and Foot Flexibility (51:47)
  • Rigid Feet Need Love (56:33)
  • Women-Specific Boots (57:38)
  • Horror Stories & DIY Bootfitting and Cool Stuff and Gross Stuff (1:07:28)



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