PILOT slash TRAILER - Cabin Fever starts Monday

We've gone mad and basically recorded a whole tester episode, rather than a 30 second trailer. You are WELCOME.

Cabin Fever proper starts on MONDAY (23rd March) - they'll be in your podcast pockets by the time you wake up, unless you wake up at like 1am.

This podcast comes from the team at Great Big Owl, and is basically something for us to do while we self isolate - we're all recording from our own homes, with zero physical contact. Will it be shit? Only one way to find out.

In the meantime, we'd like to hear about your terrible home gym setups, plus what weird thing you're binge watching during isolation (can you beat old episodes of The Bill on YouTube?).

Tweet us @CabinFe83709000 (yes, we know. Listen to the pilot to find out what happened here).


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