#15 - Jojo Regan & Nicole Wheatley: Collaborations, brand building, NFTs in golf

A massive thank you to those of you that joined us for our recent Mentor Room: LIVE! as we welcomed Nicole Wheatley and Jojo Regan, two Gather members who are at the forefront of brand positioning. Both are passionately helping drive a new image for the game to new audiences.

Listen out for key insights on:

  • Investing in branding/marketing/PR - the key decisions and opportunities for more golf businesses to consider.
  • How we can speak as an industry to the non-traditional golf audiences?
  • The "unknown" golf market. How do you approach the golf audience that doesn't sit within traditional demographics with very little known about them (e.g. GenZ, Millenials) ?
  • NFT's and the world of crypto - are there genuine opportunities for golf in here?

Read more and check out the highlights video over on our website.

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