#13 - Chris Hedderman: How the best disruption happens.

If you are starting your first role, or you're a senior leader in golf, there’s critical insights and learnings in this new episode. They come from someone who has gathered varied experiences and skills, put their hand up and asked for more help to learn and now see themselves in an influential role at a global brand at the age of 35. But still learning and staying humble.

Chris Hedderman has worked as an Assistant Professional at a local municipal course, re-gripping clubs in minus temperatures in the cold of winter. He’s worked at one of the most exclusive clubs in the world, receiving the odd comment about not being the ‘usual’ type of Assistant Pro. He’s been on tour working with players and along the way, developed a wide range of skillsets which led him to his current role as Head of Marketing for EMEA at adidas Golf.

Some very strong messages about why and how to listen to the younger people who love golf and who want to work in golf to help shape our future industry. Also, some learnings about how positive collaborations can be when you have no fear and leave your ego at the door. And of course….we talk about the "big" brand strategy behind the ‘Hoodiegate’ disruption…

Here’s some of the great insights Chris shared with us:

  • 02.00mins: “Unhelpful stereotypes!” How far we still have to go to change these? 
  • 7.05:  “We’ve created robots” Cool young amateurs and Pro players still conforming to ‘golf fashion’. 
  • 17.53: “What are we so scared of?” Why doesn’t golf want to embrace change in what people wear? 
  • 21.54:  What is the risk, as a global brand, to adidas Golf doing various collaborations with new independent and smaller brands?
  • 35.59: “Huge OPPORTUNITY! Golf shops have “retail-tainment” on a plate!” How many golf pros do a great job of selling apparel and how much revenue are they ‘leaving on the table’? 
  • 45.00: “Bring me a ‘Stop the Bus’ moment…” Why we must lift up the voices of younger people in golf and listen to their ideas, for the future benefit of golf.
  • 49.02: Understanding the minds of Gen-Z for your future career and business. 
  • 56.43: Don’t let your peer group opinions hold you back from putting your hand up to learn more from experienced leaders in the industry. 
  • 63.00: How the best disruption happens… The inside story on the strategy for the adidas hoodie with Tyrell Hatton? 
  • 78.49: The “Dabblers” and “Potentials” are the MAJORITY of the golf market. (*Note: Not called simply “non-members”).

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