#12 - Sam Roach: Culture, fashion, music, influencers and OPPORTUNITY.

Mind. Blown. 


That was how we felt after our shortest Gather Global Podcast yet. 


The reason why? Possibly because we were speaking with an 'outsider' who by his own admission:


"...has been stalking the golf industry for a while, from the outside..." 


Possibly because it was the biggest mirror we've had held up to our golf industry faces since Gather launched. 


This chat is not only about golf. It's about culture, fashion, influencers and OPPORTUNITY


If you want to hear a genuinely new perspective, with hope and excitement for the future golf industry, this is the podcast for you. 


If you're like us, then you know there are a number of emerging independent fashion brands in the golf industry. You're aware of the growing influencer culture in the wider society. You've seen various golf YouTube influencers reviewing courses, equipment and providing coaching. You might have also seen various urban golf type ventures popping up around the globe in cities.


If you want some help to contextualize all of this into what this means for the future of golf and where the genuinely huge opportunities lie for you, your work and your organisation or business, then we think the insights and questions raised by Sam Roach from Wavey Golf in this chat are going to help you.


We didn't quite know where this chat would lead when we started, and it was all the better for it.


Open your mind and hear about our future...


Some of the things we dig into:


·      03.48mins:  Does the golf industry as a whole, love the idea of ‘heritage’ too much? Does this hamper our efforts to market the game to a new generation?

·      05.36:  Who’s responsibility is it to genuinely drive change so that golf can captivate this new market that has recently become interested in golf?

·      06.21:  “Go and ask them what they want!” – are governing bodies and golf brands missing the obvious and just sitting in their siloes?

·      10.06:  What does diversity in golf look like from the outside, at the moment?

·      15.26:  “We are in the infancy stage, and it’s only gonna get bigger.” How much of a driver does Sam think fashion might be on golf participation moving forward?

·      21.30:   Does Sam think that people call BS* in the golf industry enough?

·      23.58: So where should we be looking for inspiration at the moment, with new ideas and emerging trends in fashion, culture and music, that relate to the golf industry?

·      25.59:  Who are the movers and shakers in the golf world that are on to something?

·      31.04:  We ask Sam if he thinks he would want to collaborate with existing golf industry players. Find out his answer….

·      32.51: How do we get more of this thinking and questioning and diversity of thought coming into the Gather Community?

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