#11 - Andrew Brown: Partnership Working 2.0


With vast experience working with partners globally spanning over 20 years, the approach to partnerships continues to evolve for Andy Brown. However, what's next for this space and will we see disruption?

Here's some of the stuff we dig into in this chat, which offers lots of food for thought if you work with partners in your role or want to learn more in this area:

  • Golf used to be a lot of handshakes, whereas now communication barriers have been broken down and behaviours have changed. When we consider the evolution of the digital space - how has this changed the role of working with partners in our industry?
  • The partnership models across golf seem quite obvious and generic. Are there any collaborations that have had a high impact and break the mould?
  • Why do you think innovation and golf rarely end up in the same sentence? The Irrigation & Turf Care Industry is hugely innovative but it goes under the radar. Surely the innovative thinking from this sector could be valuable in other sectors of golf too?
  • Driverless cars, green cutting machines, supermarket checkouts! When will we see the robots? Is the agronomy world going to see less human capital and more machine automation?
  • What might golf have to do to stay, not only relevant, in 50 years time, but to actually survive?
  • In just 30 years, due to climate change predictions, will our sport become as extreme as the 'Urban Golf' concept the recent BBC Sport article theorises?

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