by Gary Gatehouse
Gary Gatehouse retired SPOOK (senior intelligence gather/operative) with over 30 years of service to his country,  also served in Vietnam as an intelligence gather during the Vietnam war.

A husband, father, grandfather and Patriot, Gary gathers intelligence from all open sources does analysis and reports to his listeners his findings on those issues that impact "WE THE PEOPLE

Gary has been on internet radio since 2007, his original show was titled "Getting after Lefty" but since moving to Freedom In America Internet Radio Network Gary changed show title to SECRET AGENT MAN" which is more appropriate for the format Gary is now using.


Being a retired Senior Intelligence Officer Gary uses his world travel experience, his intelligence gathering experience (over 30 years) to provide to the listener information that has impact on all conservatives, their families and our country.

Gary takes pride in reporting this information with no spin, no political correctness JUST THE TRUTH

You can listen to ARCHIVED Gary Gatehouse Secret Agent Man radio shows on FREEDOM IN AMERICA RADIO JUST CLICK ON THIS LINK
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