GW Podcast special: Everything you need to know about brake pad quality

In this GW podcast special, garages are being warned to ensure that the brake pads that they are fitting are indeed what they think they are fitting.

Regulation 90 (R90) specifies the design, construction and performance requirements for brake friction material and should guarantee that replacement pads will provide equivalent performance when compared to the original.

However, Ian Featherstone of global OE manufacturer, TMD Friction, told GW that technicians should be vigilant to ensure the parts they’re fitting do indeed meet this standard.

During the interview, Ian explains how TMD Friction helped Trading Standards to uncover a counterfeit part, which was marked with TAXTE T490 FF as opposed to TEXTAR T490 FF.

Highlighting the risks involved for an independent unknowingly fitting such parts, he advises technicians to ensure the box is sealed and that the contents match the description on the lab.