Funny Mummies: Anna Brennan

Anna shares the upside of an ADD personality: being able to manage a gazillion projects, biz ideas and parenting (and her hack for getting a child’s Dad onboard as support is, while impractical for the rest of us, genius.)

You can find Anna online here:

Anna Brennan started doing stand-up in Melbourne in 2014 and now runs a stack of open mic comedy shows on the Sunshine Coast as well as MCing gigs for a bunch of things including Horizon and Anywhere Festival. Her first solo show was performed at Bris Funny Fest in 2018, where festival organiser Adam O’Sullivan described it as “an insightful, hilarious and yes, sometimes a bit dirty, look into the world of modern female dating.”

Kate Rudge, the unofficial Queen of the Brissy comedy scene, said the show is “unapologetic and honest, Anna is clearly having a load of fun and it’s infectious.

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