Fully Scored | Ep. 50 (Edward Hill & Jonathan Evans)

New flashy artwork; same fun- and faith-filled podcast! 

Host Matthew Frost gets Season 5 gets underway by chatting to a really special guest - Commissioner Edward ‘Dusty’ Hill. Dusty is 2nd in Command of the International Salvation Army, but still found time to appear on Fully Scored and answer all of Matthew’s questions.

Bandmaster Jonathan Evans returns to Fully Scored for another analysis. Ray Steadman-Allen’s ‘Victorian Snapshots – On Ratcliff Highway’ is a piece like no other in Salvation Army repertoire. Jonathan begins to explore the music in this episode.

Regular segments Arid Island (featuring Staff Bandsman Gareth Craik), a new Sparsely Scored and Bandmastermind complete episode 50.

Hosted by Matthew Frost

Produced by Simon Gash 

Published by Music Editorial 

Audio extracts used with permission of SP&S 

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