Fully Scored | Ep. 49 (Gary Fountain & Nick Simmons-Smith)

In the final episode of season 4, ISB Soprano cornet supremo Gary Fountain opens up about his life, his playing and why SA banding is so important to him. Territorial Music and Creative Arts Education Secretary Nick Simmons-Smith then guides us through Morley Calvert’s beautifully crafted suite, ‘The festive season’.

Also in this episode we hear from Bandmaster Matthew Miles who is our next guest on the Arid Island; the final line up of the 2023 Fantasy Band is revealed and Gary Fountain’s wealth of banding knowledge and experience is put to the test in a festive edition of Bandmastermind.

Hosted by Matthew Frost

Produced by Simon Gash 

Published by Music Editorial 

Audio extracts used with permission of SP&S 

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