Fully Scored | Ep. 48 (Nicholas Samuel & William Himes)

This episode features two Englishmen who live in North America and an American visiting the UK. Captain Nicholas Samuel joins Matthew on this month’s episode to share about his life, his music and his faith. Nick, who grew up in Warrington is now the Corps Officer at London Citadel in Canada.

William Himes took time out of his recent UK conducting tour to talk to Matthew about his new-to-many, 50-year-old piece, ‘Battles’.

The second Englishman living in North America on this episode is Matt Woods. Matt, who was recently appointed as Songster Leader of Central Territory Staff Songsters, tells us about his album of choice for the long, lonely nights on the Arid Island.

‘Bandmastermind’, ‘Band Manager’ and ‘Sparsely Scored’ complete another episode.

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