Fully Scored | Ep. 45 (Jonathan Evans & Torgny Hanson)

In episode 45, Matthew Frost spends time chatting with Bandmaster Jonathan Evans. It turns out that as well as being Principal Trombone of the International Staff Band and Bandmaster of Sale Salvation Army Band, Jonathan is also a cricket enthusiast, a closet impressionist and a frustrated West-end singer! 

‘None other name’ is – as you’d expect from Erik Leidzén – a beautifully crafted selection. Torgny is an expert in the life and music of Leidzén, and shares some fascinating insights. 

Completing the line-up, we have another Staff Bandsman, Iain Parkhouse stranded on Arid Island with only one album … but which will it be? 

‘Bandmastermind’, ‘Band Manager’ and ‘Sparsely Scored’ complete another exciting episode.

Hosted by Matthew Frost

Produced by Simon Gash 

Published by Music Editorial 

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