Fully Scored | Ep. 44 (Heinrich Schmidt & Andrew Wainwright)

Bandmaster Heinrich Schmidt has just retired as Bandmaster of the German Staff Band after 34 years of service. Heinrich talks to Matthew about growing up in post-war Germany, his time as Staff Bandmaster and how he has used his musical career to promote the Gospel.

Continuing the German flavour, Andrew Wainwright (who is not German!) talks us through his set of variations, on the (German) tune ‘Was Lebet’.

Ruben Schmidt (son of Heinrich) can currently be found on the Fully Scored ‘Arid Island’. He shares with us his album choice for such a trip.

‘Bandmastermind’, ‘Band Manager’ and ‘Sparsely Scored’ complete another exciting episode.

Hosted by Matthew Frost

Produced by Simon Gash 

Published by Music Editorial 

Audio extracts used with permission of SP&S 

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