Fully Scored | Ep. 43 (Monica Sakha & Marcus Venables)

Bandmaster Monica Sakha is our guest on Episode 43. Monica is the founder and Bandmaster of the Kenya East Ladies Band and talks to us about her life, her faith and her vision for this remarkable group. Marcus Venables, Principal Cornet of Canadian Staff Band, talks us through Norman Bearcroft’s ‘Just like John’, which was written for the reformed CSB and is a unique piece in the SA repertoire. 

Staff Bandsman Carl Woodman answers the one question that everyone fears… If you were stranded on an arid Island and had to choose just one album to take with you, what would that album be? 

‘Bandmastermind’, ‘Band Manager’ and ‘Sparsely Scored’ complete another exciting episode.

Hosted by Matthew Frost

Produced by Simon Gash 

Published by Music Editorial 

Audio extracts used with permission of SP&S and Regal Zonophone

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