How To Heal a Heartbreak: Advice from an Astrologer

In this episode of ‘How To Heal a Heartbreak’, Florence gets advice from Six, who is an astrologer, intimacy doula, Human Sexuality doctoral student and member of the Come Curious team!

In 2020 Florence got her heart broken. Going through a heartbreak is hard enough as it is, never mind during a global pandemic. So how can we expect to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually during a time like this? Over this miniseries Florence delves deep into conversations with experts, family, and friends to find out why we experience pain the way we do. Heartbreaks can be healed, and we hope this series will help you to heal too.

Presented by Florence Barkway

Music is ‘Sleeping Alone’ by Jaja Kisses, produced by Joe Kinwu

Artwork by Alda Lilja


This is a Studio71 production.

Producer - Winnie Simon

Exec Producer - Tom Payne & Jody Smith

Production Support - Phie McKenzie & Jack Claramunt


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