BRB we're masturbating

Curious Fckers, we're having to take a little break because of forces out of our control. Try not to miss us too much, we know... :'( Hopefully we will be back before you know it. Rejuvenated, a NEW ERA is CUMMING soon. Make sure to keep updated on all happenings over on our instagram @comecurious @florencebark and @reedamberx, this is where we will post all the news on when F**ks Given returns to your eagerly awaiting earholes. 

And if you need your weekly dose of us and you can't wait... well just head over to our YouTube channel for our Saturday uploads. 

We're going to miss you Curious Fckers! BUT WE WILL BE BACK! 

(Also we're launching RLY COOL merch very very very soon, so make sure you head to KeepHush to find your exclusive Curious Fckers hoody) 

Lots and lots of love, from Florence and Reed x" 


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