Why the FCA's guidance on vulnerable clients doesn't help advisers

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the complexities of working with vulnerable clients, as so many people find themselves coping with anxieties about health and the economy. Last month the Financial Conduct Authority published guidance on vulnerable clients, but what does this mean for advisers? And what can advisers learn about vulnerable clients from the past six months?

FTAdviser's digital editor Damian Fantato is joined by Pimfa's senior policy adviser Alex Roberts and Claudia Clay, director of risk and regulation at advice firm The Private Office. They discuss whether it's possible to meet the FCA's guidance on vulnerable clients while using video conferencing, what the most common pitfalls are when advising vulnerable clients and why the FCA's guidance needs to go further if it is to truly help advises.

Then Damian is joined by FTAdviser reporters Imogen Tew and Amy Austin to discuss the likelihood of tax changes in the upcoming Budget and the effects of the FCA's recent proposals on open-ended property funds.

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