What role do providers have in plugging the advice gap?

As long as there have been financial advisers, there has been debate about how to plug the advice gap.

But research has found that some 39m people have never sought any professional advice or guidance for their finances, and one in five advisers won't serve someone with less than £100,000.

So there is clearly a gap to be plugged, but does the plugging of it fall to advisers? What role do providers have? And do the rules around advice and guidance help providers support their clients?

This week Damian Fantato, digital editor of FTAdviser, is joined by Jamie Jenkins, director of policy at Royal London, and Prakash Chandramohan, director of strategy at Tisa, to discuss this.

They discuss how the boundary between advice and guidance can be improved, how greater personalisation can help support savers who don't necessarily need advice, and why providers err on the side of caution when it comes to supporting their clients.

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