What does true diversification look like right now for multi-asset investors?

In a world that is experiencing sudden shifts between different economic scenarios, building an investment portfolio has arguably become more challenging. And even for those multi-asset investors, whose strategies are meant to offer flexibility to meet investment goals with broad options for investing across sectors, and more diversification than other investment strategies, can they really rely on how they have always done things?

With the 60/40 approach having worked in the decades leading up to 2020, we are now in a new normal of higher rates and higher inflation, so what does this mean for investment approaches? And how can multi-asset investors achieve true diversification in this new normal?

On this latest podcast, FT Adviser deputy features editor Ima Jackson-Obot is joined by Lindsay James, investment strategist at Quilter Investors and Philip Chandler, head of UK multi-asset at Schroders.

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