How central banks will dictate the UK's recovery

The re-opening of pubs and shops, as well as the return of international travel, might make some think the Covid-19 pandemic is moving into history.

But the economic impact of the pandemic, and its impact on markets, has not yet fully played out, with the Bank of England yet to raise interest rates from their rock bottom position at 0.1% and the future direction of inflation uncertain as the re-opening of the British economy distorts the picture.

This week FTAdviser special projects editor David Thorpe talks to Job Curtis, manager of the City of London investment trust, Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at Netwealth, and Stephen Snowden, head of Artemis's fixed income team, to find out what's going on.

They discuss the role central banks and fiscal policy will have on the UK's economic recovery, the impact inflation might have and whether UK assets are priced correctly given the associated risks.

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