Money Clinic meets Anne Boden

Anne Boden spent over three decades in the traditional banking sector, watching the world around her being transformed by technology. In 2014, she decided that the time had come for banking to undergo the same shift, and quit her job to found Starling Bank. Since then, Anne has built Starling from an idea into a digital bank with 2m customers. 

Claer talks to her about making the leap into fintech, the determination needed to turn an idea into a business and how she persuaded investors to back her. Budding business owners should sit tight as Anne shares some of the key lessons she learnt along the way - and why she thinks we should prepare for cash to completely disappear. 

Read Claer’s review of Anne Boden’s autobiography, ‘Banking On It: How I Disrupted an Industry’. If you want to know more about how Anne Boden set up Starling Bank, you can buy a copy here.

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