Dissident voices from Cuba, the Mexican border, and hip hop Broadway

Cuban dissident Miriam Leiva speaks with Cardiff Garcia in Havana about the life of her late husband, Oscar Espinosa Chepe, an economist with an irrepressible instinct to tell the truth to a government that did not want to hear it – for which he was repeatedly and severely punished. Then Gary Silverman on a trip to Arizona, where he discovered a free travel zone for Mexican shoppers who want to cross the border. Finally, a review of “Hamilton”, the hip-hop Broadway musical depicting the life of US founding father Alexander Hamilton, which has become a cultural phenomenon.

Music credits: Boom Boom Beckett, Blue Dot Sessions, A Ninja Slob Drew Me, Nick Jaina, Will Bangs, The Womb, Kevin MacLeod.
Hamilton musical credits: Original Broadway cast/Warner Music